Week 1: Intro to Interaction Design

In today’s lecture, I have been introduced to Interaction Design. And while I vaguely felt familiar with the term, I learned the real meaning of the subject I am about to embark.

Starting with the basic question “What is an interaction?”

Gillian Crampton Smith explains interaction as any type of engagement between humans and objects that revokes a reaction or response.

It can be engagement with a vending machine, a mobile phone, a book, a shopping website or a conversation with another human being.

Bill Verplank underlines that a designer must answer 3 fundamental questions:

How do you DO it (affect the world)?
With buttons, handles

How you FEEL (how do I get feedback from the world)?
Which can be cool or hot feedback.

How do you KNOW (how a user knows what to do and what kind of knowledge to expect)?
It can be in the form of maps as an overview or as a path that leads the user from one moment to the next.


Various disciplines contribute to interaction design

  • Academic disciplines
  • Design disciplines
  • Information systems
  • Human factors etc.