Week 6: Scenarios

User scenarios are the stories that our personas act out. Basically, user scenarios are thought exercises (though represented as a written description and/ or visually) in which you predict how certain types of users — represented by your personas — will interact with your interactive product in a given situation in order to complete a given goal.

User scenarios let you understand what your future users will look for when trying to use your interactive. Even if your personas “fail” at the task, at least you now have a description of your problem and can go back and solve it easily. User scenarios allow you to test your interactive’s structure before it’s fully developed and isolate problems before they become problems. Every successful design will start with the research of the behaviours and patterns of the person who will use the product.

How to make a user scenario:

The first thing you’ll want to figure out in creating a user scenario is a realistic goal for someone using your website. Once you have a goal (or task) the rest is a logic puzzle: knowing what you do about your persona, how would they behave on your interactive, step by step? This is where a thoroughly detailed and well-thought-out persona comes in handy.

When creating a user scenario attention must be paid to:

  • Persona’s environment — Know where your persona is using your interactive. For example, at work, at home, or perhaps in a coffee shop.
  • Persona’s mentality — Visualise the scene and know what is going through your persona’s mind. This is a good opportunity to figure out how the user feels when they interact with your site.
  • Impetus and motivations — Your persona is on your interactive, and you need to know why. Keep in mind the specific goal motivating the persona to interact with the interactive, and understand why, how, or what triggered the scenario.
  • External factors impacting use — These could be a wide range of elements, from the speed of the Internet, the amount of time at their disposal, or maybe even a distraction from loud construction happening outside.


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