User Scenarios

Today’s task was to develop at least two scenarios and try to predict how our user personas will interact with our interactive product in a given situation.

User scenario 1: Arni Perry

  • Arni is preparing a lesson plan for next week on mangroves. His lesson has to last for 30 minutes. Ideally, he would like 20 minutes to be interactive content and for the remaining 10 minutes, he could have a short discussion with his students on the material.
  • His first response is to build his lesson plans by searching for relevant material Online. His uses keywords: Interactive resources, Mangroves.
  • He chooses the first search listing ‘Life below water’ and is intrigued by the websites comprehensive material he needed as well as the ease of use of the website.
  • He navigates through the menu and detailed galleries to explore the information available.
  • He downloads the information as PDF files to prepare handouts for his students to download from the student portal but decides to bookmark the website and present the lecture with the live website.


User scenario 2: Alena Johnson

  • Alena’s goal is to find relevant resources about the mangrove as she is preparing a presentation for her science class.
  • She is searching Online under mangroves keyword and comes across ‘Live below water’ website. The website provides comprehensive information to get a good understanding of the topic.
  • They are well categories and visually well presented. She is using her mobile phone to navigate through the menu and shares the website link on Facebook.
  • She also creates a Pinterest Board of images from the website.
  • She bookmarks the website to access it later at home from her computer where she can download PDF files and incorporate into her presentation.



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